For more than a year now, the housing market has been a perfect storm for sellers, but the winds may finally be shifting.

Strong demand and record-low supply are starting to ease, and mortgage rates are coming down off their recent highs. While home prices are still surging, these new market dynamics will likely take some of the heat out of those gains as well.

New listings of homes jumped 4% in the four week period ending July 4 compared with the same period one year ago, according to Redfin. They were up 3% from the same time in 2019. It was the first time new supply topped pre-pandemic levels.

The number of active listings is still down 32% from a year ago, but that’s actually the smallest annual drop since early February. Active listings are now up 8% from their 2021 low in early March.

“Many buyers have backed away from the housing market and are waiting until more and better homes are listed,” said Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s…

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