The housing market is just too hot to handle right now.

Interest rates are low. Supply is still low. Demand is still high. And prices are increasing.

Even people trying to build a house are running into problems with soaring lumber costs.

It’s especially difficult for people who are buying and selling at the same time. Moving out of the old and into the new can be difficult when it comes to timing. If you’re not careful, your house could sell too quickly before you can even close on the new home – and buyers are often at the mercy of the seller in this current seller’s market.

But some families are finding unique ways to avoid the market frenzy altogether while finding the home of their dreams.

Swapping Homes

In 2020, Vanessa Sutton and her husband were ready for a home upgrade. Their home in The Colony was a bit too small and they hoped for something bigger.

She was trying to sell her old house and buy a…

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