How can you save money and get your finances in order during COVID-19?

Mark Williams with Brokers International says it does take effort to start on a savings plan during the pandemic, especially when many people have lost their jobs and unemployment benefits are ending on Sept. 6.

But it can be done.

“Regardless of your job, regardless of how your income comes in, is to try and set up some sort of safety net,” Williams said.

And it can all start with just a few cents.

“Five cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, and although it doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s about the mindset,” he said.

The mindset that you can build a nest egg, even in the worst of times.

“For every 25 I saw, I’m going to spend five as a treat. Now, I’ve made a game out of saving because what you’ll find is the thrill of watching your savings account grow and it becomes more exciting than the extra treat you end up spending on,” he said.

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