Photo: Al David Sacks/Getty Images

Lost revenue, slim margins and a need for greater efficiency: These are some of the fallouts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry. It has created challenges, but also opportunity, especially in the use of technology to drive efficiencies and allow clinicians to deliver better care.

Ryan Hodgin, chief technology officer for IBM Global Healthcare, and Kate Huey, partner at IBM Healthcare, spoke about some of these technological innovations in their digital HIMSS21 session, “Innovation Driven Resiliency: Redefining What’s Possible.” 

The technology in question can encompass telehealth, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, chatbots, apps and other elements that have become mainstays of healthcare during the course of the pandemic.

“The COVID pandemic really brought us to the brink, and we were trying to get to digital transformation very quickly,” said Huey. “It…

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