SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As winter sets in across America, many grocery retailers are discovering that lean-inventory strategies are no longer working. In a time marked by a massive shift in consumer food buying habits, grocers are preparing for strong winter demand for pantry essentials – including California Cling Peaches in cans, jars and cups.

Stock Up and Restock Often with California Cling Peaches

As families continue to find themselves homebound for long stretches, they are rekindling their love affair with the pantry and rediscovering the forgotten value of shelf-stable choices like canned foods. Canned fruits and vegetables, in particular, enable families to enjoy healthy meals even when fresh foods are in short supply or difficult to source.

Many of these shoppers consider California Cling Peaches, among all other canned fruit options, to be a staple of their well-stocked pantry. Grocers are encouraged to be ready to meet that demand by always having plenty of California Cling Peaches on hand in cans, jars and cups.

California Cling Peach Board Executive Director Chris Zanobini explains, “In cans, jars or single-serve cups, California Cling Peaches have a long shelf life, so shoppers can stock up and know that they’re always ready to be enjoyed. They also have a low cost-per-serving and more nutrients for less money than fresh or frozen, so canned California Cling Peaches are always affordable, too.”

Of course, the main reason shoppers consider California Cling Peaches to be perfect for the pantry is their taste, consistently delicious because they’re picked, packed and shipped at the peak of flavor. For that, credit goes to California Cling Peach farmers, many of whom are continuing a multi-generation tradition of growing Cling peaches with love and care on small family farms.

And then there’s California’s one-of-a-kind combination of geology and weather, creating perfect microclimates for growing peaches. When you stock California Cling Peaches in cans, jars or cups, you’re buying American and supporting the world leader responsible for producing the safest, best-tasting and most economical Cling peaches on the planet.

While California Cling Peaches have built-in sales appeal due to their enormous popularity among shoppers, the California Cling Peach Board will be working hard this winter to drive shoppers back into your stores and websites to buy more. On the California Cling Peaches website ( shoppers will find a wide range of resources, recipe ideas, nutritional information and more – all to help them extend the value of their peach purchases and keep them returning to your stores.

About the California Cling Peach Board
Founded in 1996, the California Cling Peach Board is a California State Marketing Order, issued in furtherance of the desire of California’s Cling peach growers to create an environment that enhances the use of cling peaches through promotion, advertising, consumer education, production and marketing research, establishment of grades and standards, and compilation of industry statistics. California Cling Peaches are picked, packed and shipped at their peak of ripeness and available from your grocer year-round in cans, single-serve cups, and jars.

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