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I’m so excited. Because it’s time for Red Meat Friday!

So, what a great time to be a Democrat. Because, for Democrats, anybody can grow up to be president. And I mean anybody. 

You can break any law you want, and it doesn’t matter. As long as you separate your recyclables and use the correct pronouns, you’re good to go. 

First, there’s Joe. After years of hearing about Trump’s taxes, it turns out it’s Joe who’s soaking the IRS. So in addition to the $7 trillion in debt he just saddled your grandkids with, turns out sleepy Joe might owe five hundred large. 

Who knew that falling asleep in your soup, forgetting the names of foreign heads of state, and smelling the hair of oval office visitors weren’t all tax-deductible? 

A new non-partisan report shows Biden improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office – Which means he could owe as much as 500 grand in back taxes. A…

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