Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google invented a new type of hot desk that remembers an employee’s preferences. When a worker scans their badge, the desk will automatically adjust to the right height and tilt. The prototype desk is part of a broader overhaul of Google’s offices, The New York Times reports. See more stories on Insider’s business page.

For Google employees, the future of work might be an intelligent desk that adjusts to your needs.

A new piece from The New York Times’ Daisuke Wakabayashi dives into how Google is preparing for the future of work when employees begin returning to the office this September. Google’s plan involves revamped ventilation, spaced-out desks, new ways for employees to meet both in-person and virtually – and a new type of hot desk.

The desk is designed for Google employees who no longer need a permanent desk at the company’s Mountain View, California, headquarters. Those employees, who may come in a few days per week and require a temporary workspace, will scan their work badge on a pad attached to the desk. The desk will then automatically adjust to the correct height, the monitor will tilt to the employee’s preferred angle, and the nearby temperature will adjust to the employee’s preference.

Plus, a Nest Hub on the desk – a small display equipped with Google Assistant – will show the employee’s family photos.

According to The Times, the desk is just a prototype at this point and not necessarily the standard throughout Google’s headquarters.

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Still, the prototype desk is just one example of how the office could change to better accommodate workers’ new reality. A hybrid model of work where employees work from home on some days and come into the office on others has been touted as the future by


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