A bird view of Beijing”s central business district, which is home to the headquarters of a great number of companies on the Fortune Global 500. [Photo/VCG]

Spreading in more than 218 countries and territories, COVID-19 has forced the world’s economic development to pause for the first time in history.

The pandemic broke out one year after the World Economic Forum’s Globalization 4.0 meeting, at which it was announced that a new era was being ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

While prevailing discontent, inequality and conflicts from previous globalization episodes had not been resolved, Globalization 4.0 was set in motion by the engine of technological development. When the coronavirus outbreak suddenly hit just as the new era was taking off, an aggregation of hope and fear, confidence and anxiety, optimism and accusation epitomized the world’s severe under-preparedness for this…

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