Technology has grown by leaps and bounds; just a look at the past 10 years proves how much has changed. As technology has leapt forward, it has shrunk the world for consumers but expanded it for business, and the baking and snack industry is no different.

Globalization has had a huge impact on consumption trends in bakery and snack,” said Carolina Moré, marketing director, Europastry USA, Long Island, NY. “There are products that doubtless become global such as baguettes, donuts and croissants, products one can find in almost every part of the world.” 

While certain bakery and snack products are ubiquitous, each is tweaked to target specific regions’ preferences in flavors, textures and health concerns.

“Innovation and scientific research, especially when focused on improving production and nutrition, have also intensified, becoming requirements for companies with international scope to respond to global demands while…

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