Global Asset Management Seoul Korea Review

Global Asset Management is an investment management firm that is based in Seoul, Korea.

It has been in operation since 2013, and in that time, the company has created a strong reputation for itself as a solid asset management firm.

Let’s do a quick review of this company and find out what has made it so popular.

Overview of Global Asset Management, Seoul Korea

What is Global Asset Management

Global Asset Management is an asset management firm based in Seoul, South Korea, that helps define and achieve your financial goals using a range of strategies such as diversifying your portfolio, minimizing the taxes you pay and also maximizing returns during market instability.

Range of Services Offered

The biggest benefit of working with Global Asset Management Seoul Korea would be its range of services.

This team not only offers the regular investment plans, but goes many steps ahead of its competition.

Retirement Planning

Unlike most asset managers, Global Asset Management also helps you with retirement planning.

The firm has developed a set of proprietary formulae that helps their clients figure out their financial requirements after retirement, and therefore create a plan that can ensure that those needs are taken care of.

Contingency Fund

This firm also helps you create a contingency fund for those emergencies in life when you need ready cash.

Medical emergencies, job losses and other sudden expenses are something that most of us are not prepared to deal with.

However, when you contract with Global Asset Management, they will also factor in this aspect of your financial planning.

Building Savings

Your retirement isn’t the only thing you need to plan for.

There are other things that come before you finally retire.

There are holidays, special occasions, special events (think weddings, funerals, graduations), or just taking time off.

But to do so, you need to have money in the bank – savings.

Global Asset Management understands this so, when they create a plan for their clients, it also includes creating a savings plan for those moments in life.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is important to ensure that your dependents are taken care of if anything were to happen to you.

This is the sad reality of life.

But that’s not all that estate planning can help you with.

You can reduce your taxes too with some careful planning.

This is yet another service provided by this firm.


Insurance is something that is critical to us in today’s day and age.

Whether it’s life insurance, healthy insurance or any other kind, we need to pay premiums and all these expenses need to be taken into account so that a complete investment plan can be created for you.

Many times, financial advisors tend to omit this aspect of your investments, while actually ends up making your overall plan a little lopsided.

With this firm, every single aspect of your current financial status and future goals are accounted for.

Team of Asset Managers

The portfolio managers at Global Asset Management are really a cut above the rest (you can see it from the customer feedback – a point we have listed separately below).

Each of these people are licensed and certified to deal with not just local portfolios, but with global portfolios.

There are different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you wish to trade globally rather than just domestically, and this company has the team that has the expertise to do so.

The risk factor of multiple markets has to be accounted for, and portfolio managers need to understand each of the asset classes intimately to be able to help you diversify your portfolio according to your short- as well as long-term goals, as well as you appetite for risk.

Customer Feedback

The biggest testament to a company’s performance is its customer feedback.

All the feedback that we have found about Global Asset Management is unanimously positive.

That in itself is unique.

Every single one of the customers that have commented on this firm’s service have only positive things to say about this wealth management firm.

The asset managers at Global Asset Management Seoul Korea have been tagged as detail-oriented, helpful, professional, knowledgeable and so on.

This is a firm that ensures that its team actually knows the market, how it works and how they can make it work for their clients.

This is a quality that really makes them stand out from the crowd, since they have actually proved that their claims aren’t just words.


So far, we have not seen a single negative review about this wealth management firm, so we would say that if you are looking for portfolio managers that can help you with your investment and financial goals, then you can definitely give Global Asset Management Seoul Korea a try.

Global Asset Management FAQ

What are the biggest stock markets in the world?

The NYSE is the biggest stock market in the world by market capitalization. It is worth over $15 trillion. The next largest stock exchanges are the NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

How can I buy gold?

People invest in gold in several ways. They can buy pure gold in the form of bars and coins, they can invest in shares of gold companies, or ETFs or mutual funds that invest in various gold assets.

What is the NASDAQ?

The ‘Nasdaq’ is two things: it’s a stock exchange and a stock index. The stock exchange is the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The stock index is a representative basket dominated by tech and internet companies.

What is global asset management?

Global asset management refers to the overall direction of a client’s wealth by a professional advisor or money manager. It can refer to the oversight of a specific investment portfolio as well as umbrella guidance.


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