Back in the spring of this year, I excoriated South Carolina lawmakers and “Republican” governor Henry McMaster for the “Gallo Giveaway” – an astonishingly short-sighted piece of corporate welfare that will benefit multi-billion dollar Modesto, California-based E&J Gallo Winery at the expense of mom and pop retailers across the Palmetto State.

This fleecing – the latest in a long line of such “economic development” scams – provides further proof that South Carolina leaders have absolutely no interest in helping the individual taxpayers and small businesses who drive job growth and income expansion. Instead, they are all about growing governmentand expanding government control over the economy for the benefit of a handful of select corporations.

To recap: Gallo is building an east coast distribution hub in Chester county, South Carolina – a project it says will create 500 jobs and bring more than $400…

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