Following new guidance on masks, Scott Simon talks with former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden about how the agency has balanced science with the politics of the pandemic.


Of course, this week’s recommendation on masking from the CDC differs from what the agency had said previously. Tom Frieden directed the CDC during the Obama administration and was New York City’s health commissioner before that. He now leads the public health organization Resolve to Save Our Lives (ph) and joins us. Dr. Frieden, thanks so much for being with us.

TOM FRIEDEN: Great to speak with you, Scott.

SIMON: We just heard, of course, from Maria Godoy about the risks of a vaccine-resistant version of the virus emerging. How worried are you about that?

FRIEDEN: Vaccines protect us, and unless we’re not careful, we won’t be good at protecting vaccines. I think the thing that makes me most…

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