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America’s mortgage market sickens
AMERICA'S $19trn commercial and residential mortgage market is jittery as investors begin to fear that laid-off workers and shut-down firms will struggle to repay their debts. Plenty of investors—such as real-estate investment trusts—are highly leveraged. As the value of mortgage-backed securities has dropped sharply they have begun to...
Tesla will sell electric cars in the Middle East
Elon Musk in 90 Seconds Tesla is bringing its electric cars to the heart of the oil producing world. The automaker announced Monday that its first official venture in the Middle East will be in the United Arab Emirates. The first cars -- the Model S and Model X -- will hit the road this summer. "Timing seems to be good to really ...
Visa crackdown puts these rural doctors at risk
How Trump's travel ban hits this South Dakota doctor At his pediatrics practice in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dr. Alaa Al Nofal sees up to 10 patients a day. He's known some of them since they were born. Others, he still treats after they've graduated from high school. "I treat these children for Type 1 diabetes, thyroid pro...
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