Stephanie Hall, the founder of Estelle Colored Glass, wants to brighten up your cabinet of coupes and wine glasses.

In Stephanie Hall’s youth, afternoons spent treasure hunting with her grandmother in Holly Hill, S.C., often yielded sparkling hauls of vintage glassware in colors like emerald green and amber.

“All of these trips were about finding beautiful and unique things and then having a place to showcase them,” Ms. Hall, 45 said. Her grandmother Estelle Summerson Williams would display found objects and family heirlooms in two china cabinets. She also loved to entertain guests.

A few years ago, when Ms. Hall was looking for colored glass pieces for her own home in Summerville, S.C., just outside Charleston, she was surprised to find her search limited to the secondary market. There didn’t seem to be a modern glassware brand that offered the range of styles and colors she had seen as a child.


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