Ohio Online-only charter school, not affiliated with Ohio High School Athletic Association, has existed since 2019 and played IMG Academy at ESPN on Sunday afternoon from Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, where ESPN should have been. Why would you like to introduce one of the best teams at Ohio vs. IMG Academy? That’s a very good question someone needs to answer.

ESPN’s broadcast team was asking questions in the hands of IMG in the middle of today’s 58-0 second quarter. The commentators knew they had been fooled. Color analyst Tom Luzinville was very fed up with what he saw in the field. Bishop Sycamore tweeted that it was a post-match “scam” as the coach told ESPN that several new DI employees had appeared on the team.

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Let’s go to the second quarter. Luginville talks about how worried someone was injured.

Well, here things get interesting. Did ESPN…

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