Twentieth century steel baron Andrew Carnegie was famous as a rich industrialist who repeated the often-quoted phrase, “Man does not live by bread alone.”

He might have felt differently if he’d had the chance to meet Don Guerra, who has made it his life’s mission to develop a local grain economy in Arizona.

Guerra “lives on bread alone” as an artisanal baker who brings 2,500 loaves out of his ovens weekly — and is rapidly approaching the baking of his 1 millionth loaf since kneading his first dough.

While achieving initial fame with his Barrio Bread branded products using locally sourced grains, his crusade extends further, that being to build a grain-based economy specifically created around heritage/heirloom wheat varieties like Sonoran white, a candela wheat once a major staple crop in desert borderlands.

“I really want to push forward on…

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