“Every Canadian has met a Justin Trudeau in their lives — privileged, entitled and always looking out for number one. He was looking out for number one when he called this expensive and unnecessary election in the middle of a pandemic. That’s not leadership, that’s self-interest. And it’s Justin Trudeau through and through,” O’Toole said, as the child behind him bounced blithely away.

He went on for nearly 20 minutes, accusing the left-leaning Liberal Party leader of corruption, cover-ups, and of launching an “American-style” misinformation campaign against O’Toole himself and his party’s policies.

“I’d say he’s all talk and no action, but this is worse. A person so blinded by his own ambition, that he can’t see the rot in his own party. A man who’s not a feminist, not an environmentalist, not a public servant, a man who’s focused solely and squarely on himself,” said O’Toole.

O’Toole’s attack was like a lightning strike disrupting a…

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