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China’s baby boomers are about to reshape the global economy again
Dr. Lauren A. Johnston is a research associate, China Institute, SOAS, University of London. She is founder and managing director of New South Economics.The hundreds of millions of babies born in Mao's China during the 1960s are on the cusp of exiting the workforce.With Beijing expected to release results of the once-in-a-decade census on Tuesday, ...
Remarks by President Biden on the Economy
East Room 1:44 P.M. EDTTHE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon.  Excuse me.  I’d like to start by saying a few words about the ransomware cyberattack currently impacting Colonial Pipeline.  This is something that my administration — our administration have been tracking extremely carefully.  And I have been perfectly — personally briefed ever...
How China can decouple economic growth and rising emissions
The IPCC states that the world needs to curb its carbon emissions by up to 58% in 2030 to not overshoot global temperature rise of 1.5C. China, USA, India, EU27 and the UK account for two thirds of emissions. China now emits around twice as much as the US, the next largest emitter, write three International Renewable E...
Dollar Back to Where It Began the Year as Rally Burns Out
It’s back to square one for the dollar.Friday’s worse-than-expected U.S. employment data saw the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index drop decisively below its 2021 uptrend, putting it back to little changed for the year. The biggest one-day slide in five months has also put the greenback at risk of a further decline toward the lowest since February 2018.Th...
The Breakout Cities on the Forefront of America’s Economic Recovery
Even before Covid-19, these rising stars—such as Greenville, Des Moines, Iowa, and Provo, Utah—had been quietly building out vibrant economies in the shadow of bigger metropolises. During the pandemic, they have drawn workers and businesses with large and affordable homes, ample access to outdoor space and less congestion. They also h...
A Dashboard More Important Than A Forecast
Business dashboard showing recent results. getty Some of the most valuable work an economist does in business has little to do with the future, just the current and the past. And these insights don’t require a professional economist, just a dashboard that senior management reviews regularly. A company was emerg...
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