Geneva, August 23 (Xinhua)-“Climate change is here, we need to act now,” said Swiss Re’s chief economist, warning of a sharp global economic loss. rice field.

In an interview with Xinhua, Jerome Hegeri, editor-in-chief of a recently released report, said the global economy, especially poor countries, would pay the “best price” if no action was taken at the global level. rice field.

Haegeli concluded that if temperatures rise at current rates, the world economy could lose 10% of world GDP by 2048, with north and south countries more affected than the north.

Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines are “extremely vulnerable” to climate change and could lose up to 46% of GDP by the end of the century if temperatures rise by 3 degrees Celsius compared to the 1800s. Haegeli says there is.

According to economists, these countries, which are densely populated along the coast and located in the…

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