There are wide spread protests but the regime is likely to run roughshod over them. (Credit: Associated Press)

By Prashant Dikshit 

Chinese behaviour is acquiring sinister variations. Whilst, the regime of Xi Jinping has come forward to offer medical aid in the current health calamity engulfing India, media outlets, mouth pieces of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are spewing ridicule at Indian efforts at combating the calamity. Chinese nationals currently in India are being persuaded to record videos of ailing patients in anguish and send them to these media houses.

Well known China watchers from India have identified several such dying scenes on the streets being shown in still pictures. The linked commentaries are not sympathetic at all but instead are bordering on showering apathy and ridicule on leaders. Is this what the world should expect from China, a claimant to being an ancient civilization. Or, once again mind games are…

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