SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – Barry Cohen and his wife were positive the waterfront home on West Royal Flamingo Drive in Sarasota was perfect for them, and they were willing pay for it.

But when their offer of $500,000 over the $4.5 million asking price was snubbed, they were surprised, sending Cohen looking for answers from the owner.

“I went to the neighborhood. He was walking his dog and we talked,” Cohen said. “This was the house we loved.”

It did not take long for Cohen and owner Thomas Davenport to be suspicious of the deal put together by Coldwell Banker salesperson Roger Pettingell, who was the transaction broker for both Davenport and the winning bidder.

As they shared their stories, Cohen and Davenport concluded Cohen’s offer was the highest and best but was…

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