BENGALURU: The ‘s direction is in limbo as financial markets await a clearer path from the U.S. Federal Reserve, according to a Reuters poll of FX strategists who were split on where they expected the currency to trade over the next three months.

On the back foot even before Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments last Friday at Jackson Hole, the greenback has lost almost 1.4% since it hit a nine-month high about two weeks ago. But it is still up around 3% for the year.

While analysts in the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 poll of nearly 60 FX strategists expected the greenback to give up most of those gains over the coming year, they were increasingly uncertain about both the short- and medium-term outlook.

“There’s two important forces when we look at the direction of the dollar. The first is the global recovery and the momentum we’ve seen most recently and the second point is obviously the central banks’ response to that,” said Kerry Craig, global…

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