Oct. 16—The Olivehurst Dollar General store donated $5,000 this week to Yuba Gardens Intermediate school on behalf of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Deborah Lara, Dollar General store manager in Olivehurst, along with other store employees presented a $5,000 check to Jim Hays, principal at Yuba Gardens Intermediate, on Thursday.

Due to the store’s high ranking in community donations for the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the store manager and the store employees chose Yuba Gardens Intermediate as one of the 2021 youth literacy grant recipients from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Through youth literacy grants, nearly 760 schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations across 46 states received three million dollars in support of expanding literacy programs, purchasing technology and books, or software for literacy programs.

“We were number one in the company for donations last year from asking for roundup or just…

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