About a year ago, everyone was receiving packets of seeds in the mail from China. I never received one and felt left out.

Yesterday, in my mailbox, there was a small white envelope that arrived. A very strange piece of mail.

I didn’t remember ordering anything recently. When I looked closely at the label, I noticed the return address was Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia just west of China. I know I never ordered anything from there!

The address label had my complete mailing address. It also included my cell phone number. That was a little creepy as well. Not only did someone that I didn’t know have my address — but they also my phone number.

I continued to read over the label… The contents were described as having a U.S. dollar value of $5.00. It was marked that it was a “gift” and even weirder…for a description it said it was a “Dishcloth”. I know I never ordered a dishcloth from some country in Asia. I think if I need a…

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