TAMPA, Fla. — Depression is often treated with medication, but a new technological advancement provides new hope for those who can’t take antidepressants.

“It’s an FDA-approved treatment for depression. It was approved in 2008. And essentially, it was designed to help people, who didn’t get better with antidepressants,” explained Dr. Faizi Ahmed is a psychiatrist at Tampa Neuropsychiatry.

He’s now performing TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation after new research discovered a person who suffers from depression has a brain that looks different than a normal brain.

“There is a decrease in frontal lobe activity and an increase in the deeper brain structures that generate emotion,” Ahmed explained.

The technology stimulates that frontal lobe activity with an electromagnetic pulse.

“We get dysfunction of the neural circuits that regulate emotion. So with TMS, we’re correcting that problem. We’re normalizing those abnormal circuits,”…

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