A woman scammed her own parents and nan out of money, as well as a disabled woman she looked after as a carer.

Clare Roughley used online banking to defraud her victims out of money to cover her gambling addiction.

The 39-year-old woman took huge sums of money totalling £325,000, the Liverpool Echo reports.

A judge today slammed the former bank employee for using her insider knowledge to “systematically, ruthlessly and remorselessly extract every last penny” from their accounts.

Roughley took advantage of some of her closest loved ones, secretly setting up online access to her mum, dad and nan’s bank accounts so she could withdraw cash whenever she wanted.

With their bills paid automatically by direct debit and her parents typically making cash withdrawals only when necessary, she spent years draining their life savings.

Peter Hussey, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court she stole £91,437 from her dad Raymond Roughley,…

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