The “Looking Glass” ponders economic and real estate trends through two distinct lenses: the optimist’s “glass half-full” and the pessimist’s “glass half-empty.”

Buzz: A highly contagious spinoff of coronavirus threatens to alter spending habits and stall the ongoing economic rebound from the pandemic era’s business limitations.

Debate: Just as the coronavirus chill was thawing, the Delta variant is pushing coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths back to levels not seen since early 2021. How will the business bounce-back evolve as consumers, corporations and governments react to new health risks?

Glass half-full

It should come as no big surprise there’s been a hiccup in our economic rebound. Nobody expected a perfectly smooth ride back to normalcy.

California is still down 1.24 million jobs as of June, leaving the state at 93% of employment in February 2020, just before the virus struck. The rest of…

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