Many commercial entities make use of garage doors, and there is ample room for investors and entrepreneurs to capitalize on this by learning various market facts. From businesses that focus on garage door track adjustment to those who serve the needs of business owners seeking a garage door repair in Woodbridge, current trends will affect future profit shares. Importantly, much of the global growth in the commercial and residential garage door markets has come in India and China. The developing economies of those nations have resulted in increased wealth and, as a result, increased business owners and property development.

However, North America has also experienced growth in its garage door industry. Some of the many commercial industries that make use of garage doors include all those businesses that require bulk deliveries or goods transportation:

  • hotels
  • resorts
  • indoor and outdoor shopping centers
  • healthcare facilities such as hospitals
  • industrial warehouses and mills
  • supermarkets

Top Providers of Commercial Garage Doors

Globally, Sanwa Holdings Corporation has cornered a large portion of the worldwide garage door market. However, this is a Japanese business that has benefited from increased development in nearby China. North American commercial garage door market providers are various and include names like:

  • Rollok
  • Apex Industries
  • Barr Commercial Door
  • Blanca Canada Inc.
  • The High Performance Door Company

Types of commercial garage doors provided by such suppliers span the gamut and are often defined by features such as the overall motor system, operation style, or material used. For the latter, the commercial sector overwhelmingly prefers garage doors made of metallic materials such as aluminum or steel. This is due in large part to the sturdiness and durability of those materials.

Types of Popular Commercial Garage Doors

In many situations, garage doors are categorized based on their operational system. For example, automatic garage door openers can use systems like motorized trolleys, chain-driven systems, belts, springs, and more. In addition, the overall style or look is another way to categorize the various types of commercial garage doors. These include:

  • stretchable security grilles (seen often in mall or shopping center settings)
  • overhead doors
  • tiltable retracting doors
  • tiltable canopy-style doors
  • roll-up doors
  • sideways-opening doors

In residential settings, garage doors often come in the sectional variety, with some panels taken up by glass windows or ornamental imagery. However, commercial consumers often do not want windows, as this can increase security risks. For example, potential intruders are more likely to attempt a break-in if they can see desirable goods or products through the garage door’s window.

Traits Desired By Commercial Garage Door Consumers

Though the style of the door can vary widely based on individual preferences, many commercial consumers have similar desires or needs that the garage door must fulfill. It is crucial to understand these elements and traits, as a savvy business owner can shift their expertise or inventory to reflect market trends.


First, commercial garage doors, unlike residential counterparts, need to be built for constant and frequent use. This means using high-performance materials and standards, including ensuring that the door can be operated quickly multiple times per day and using motor systems that can open and close quickly.


Insulation is another important aspect of commercial garage doors. The door needs to have no cracks or gaps between it and the wall, nor between its various panels if it is a panel-style door. Insulation is not only important for northern areas like Canada and the upper United States, but it is also simply a good way to save clients money in the long run. Energy efficiency is an important wallet-saver as well as a way to lower emissions and help the environment.


In many cases, even with high-performance variants, commercial garage doors are more likely to break down over time due to their constant usage. Thus, commercial consumers are more likely to need regular maintenance packages to ensure that their garage doors (which are often necessary for deliveries that keep the business running from day to day) stay operable. It may be wise for entrepreneurs to emphasize and specialize in maintenance on an ongoing basis rather than simply responding to repairs once items wear out.


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