Coca-Cola said Tuesday that it is tweaking the beverage in an effort to make the drink taste more like regular Coke. The product’s can will also look different — all red, rather than red and black.

“Despite its enormous success, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar still represents a relatively small percentage,” of the Coke brand, said CEO James Quincey during an April analyst call discussing first quarter results. “The improved recipe brings its taste even closer to that [of]the iconic Coca-Cola,” he said, adding that “this was influenced by consumer insight and our focus on constant improvement.”

The new version, which will replace the current one, is rolling out in the United States this month and will hit Canada in September. Coca-Cola has already updated the product in some international markets, where some customers wonder why Coke is messing with their beloved drink.

“What have you done to my favourite drink coke zero sugar?” one…

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