Open Streets project, Burlington. Photo Courtesy Burlington.

Chittenden County comes through the pandemic strong while workforce and housing challenges persist

by Olga Peters, Vermont Business Magazine Chittenden County has been the envy, for better or worse, of the rest of the state for decades. COVID is about as defeated there as anywhere in the nation, or even in the world, and the economy is bouncing back. But there’s still that big hole in the ground in Burlington that just won’t go away. But still…

“There is a perception that one thing that’s nice about Burlington is that it’s so close to Vermont,” said Brian Pine.

Pine is the new Director of the City of Burlington’s Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO).

“But we are all connected,” he continued. “Even though there is a feeling that Burlington is a place that has all the jobs, and all the resources, and all the economic activity.”

When looking at…

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