Considering extreme volatility and other risks, like the absence of crypto laws and regulations, it is also important to make your child understand the safety concerns. Representative image

Should you introduce your child to the world of cryptocurrencies? Ironic, it may sound. As Prof. Padmanabha Ramanujam of IFIM Law School, says in all probabilities, it ought to be your child who is better equipped to introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies. If this is not the case, then probably this is the best time to make your child familiar with cryptocurrencies. But why, and how?

Parents, anyway, invest money in options such as stocks, fixed deposits, mutual funds, property, small savings schemes like PPF, SSY etc. to secure the financial future of their children. While investing for children is parents’ responsibility, it is also important to make them understand the role money plays in life and what a person should do to generate…

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