Remember the Saygus V2 (V-Squared)? The device won a CES 2015 Innovation Award and was announced in November 2014 with dual-boot capabilities, water resistance, and KitKat 4.4 pre-installed. Harman Kardon Sound Technology was on board with 3D Movie Audio, and two microSD card slots for up to 256 GB of extra storage space to add to the 64GB of native storage. Back in January 2015, we were able to share with readers our hands-on experience with the phone

A previous model, the QWERTY equipped Saygus Vphone, was canceled just before a scheduled launch via Verizon

At the time, no one seemed suspicious about the V-Squared even though the previous model, the QWERTY-equipped Saygus Vphone, was canceled at the last minute just before it was supposed to…

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