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Politics needs green innovators too
Like many, the pandemic gave me an opportunity to self-reflect on my life and my role in the world. As a scientist, I thought we could solve the world’s problems with technology, that every issue could be fixed with human ingenuity. I came to the realization that while science and innovation is necessary, it is insufficient to make the change we ne...
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Biden Justice Plays Election Politics
President Biden has called Georgia’s new voting law a revival of Jim Crow. So it was probably inevitable that the Justice Department would file suit, as it did Friday, alleging that the state Legislature “intended to deny or abridge the right of Black Georgians to vote.” The federal complaint is as transparently political as its ...
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Master the Politics of the New Hybrid Office
When Kristi Fox, chief HR officer of a financial-services firm in St. Paul, Minn., helped prepare the office for in-person work in May, she and her colleagues came up with the idea to offer free breakfast and lunch in their cafeteria on Mondays and Fridays to encourage attendance. So far, it’s working—but only on Mondays. “Not a chance fo...
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How to go viral on social media? Attack a political opponent, study says
Outrage plays well on social media, and it works even better if you name your enemy.That's the finding of a new study from researchers at the University of Cambridge and New York University who analyzed 2.7 million posts on Facebook and Twitter. It adds to a growing body of research calling into question the impact of the platforms on America's pol...
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Geopolitics and Yukon mining – Yukon News
Yukoners have long been fortunate to live in a geopolitical backwater. The Yukon generally doesn’t make it into the President’s Daily Brief. If you run into a foreign correspondent with a sat-phone in Whitehorse, it’s because they’re going canoeing with friends on the Snake. Entering “Yukon” in the search box of Foreign Policy magazine’s ...
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‘Not My Intent’: How Biden’s Impromptu Comments Upended a Political Win
WASHINGTON — It was all going according to President Biden’s tightrope plan to pass the most ambitious economic agenda in generations. Right until the moment that Mr. Biden, a politician with a history of rogue comments, veered off script.After weeks of closed-door negotiations, Mr. Biden strode to the cameras on the White House driveway on Thursda...
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