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Will Real Estate Ever Be Normal Again?
Then there was a 35-year-old tech worker in Long Beach, Calif., who bought a house in Round Rock for $300,000 last October. By January 2021, it was worth roughly $400,000; in February, he bought two more. His winning bids were two of dozens that his real estate agent, a former equities trader who now works primarily with individual investors, made ...
Real Estate
What $50 million can buy
Pent-up demand, a roaring stock market and extremely low interest rates are melding together to create a record-breaking luxury real estate market in Manhattan."Leading up to the pandemic, the high end of the market was the weakest segment of the market. However, since the end of the lockdown, it's inverted – where the weakest segment of the market...
Real Estate
Real estate’s risks and opportunities ahead
As the demise of the office component in real estate allocations continues investors are favouring data centres, warehousing and low cost accommodation. Office and bricks and mortar retail have suffered most at the hands of the pandemic. However, the pandemic-triggered impact on real estate from working from home and buying online varies across re...
Real Estate
Commercial real estate sales and leases
Evans Leasing Co. LLC purchased a 2,400-square-foot retail building at 10150 Hull Street Road from Realty Income Corp. for $755,000 as an investment. Rebkee Partners and affiliates purchased 28.22 acres of land at Hull Street Road and state Route 288 from 360 Capital Partnership for a combined price of $4.23 million for development. Cushma...
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