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Sweet Nothings expands beyond the freezer aisle | 2021-09-08
SAN FRANCISCO — Beth Porter and Jake Kneller launched Sweet Nothings, a line of spoonable, single-serve smoothies, with the goal to “make it easier for people to eat more of what they need and less of what they don’t.” The brand is expanding beyond the freezer aisle with its newest addition, snack bites featuring fruit, nuts, oats and flax seeds.“O...
Cargill opens pectin production facility in Brazil | 2021-09-08
MINEAPOLIS — Cargill on Sept. 8 opened its new pectin production facility, a $150 million investment, in Bebedouro, Brazil, that will expand the Minneapolis-based company’s ability to meet demand for the texturizing ingredient.The new plant will produce HM (high methoxyl) pectin that may be used in jams, fruit-flavored beverages, acidic dairy drink...
Arcadia Biosciences seeks new leader | 2021-09-08
DAVIS, CALIF. — Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. has initiated a search for a new chief executive officer, a move that coincides with the company’s expansion into the consumer packaged goods sector. Matthew Plavan, who has been CEO since 2019, will step down from the role once a successor is named.Mr. Plavan joined Arcadia in 2016 as chief financial offic...
Warren Buffett says these are the very best businesses to own
Warren Buffett says these are the very best businesses to ownNever forget the basics.While we’re constantly bombarded with confusing investment mumbo jumbo, we should never forget that companies largely exist for one main reason: to take capital from investors and earn a return on it.That’s why it makes sense for investors to look for businesses, w...
Texas abortion law roils businesses
The new abortion law in Texas is roiling the business community, prompting some firms to directly interfere with the controversial enforcement mechanism and putting pressure on others to publicly denounce the measure.Texas-based dating platforms Match and Bumble set up relief funds to help people affected by the law, while ride-hailing platforms Ub...
New Business Formation Tells Of A Brighter Immediate Economic Outlook
Speaks for itself. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Getty Images New business formation nationwide certainly has its monthly ups and downs, almost as a mirror image of declines and jumps in covid infections, but on balance the data point to recovery and a bright immediate economic outlook. The latest figu...
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