If you have put your house up for sale, chances are your real estate agent will get as many inquiries from brokers outside the Lakes Region as from those who are local.

That’s because the demand for real estate in the area is extremely hot, and the supply of homes for sale is as low as many real estate professionals can remember it ever being.

So an article that appeared Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal – which listed Concord and Manchester-Nashua as the No. 8 and No. 9 respective top emerging real estate markets in the country – is just one more indication that the area’s real estate market will continue to be robust because the area is a desirable place to live.

That two of the state’s population centers – both within an hour’s drive from Laconia – rank at the top of the Wall Street Journal/Realtor.Com list says a lot about what Americans are thinking about how they want to live, work, play, school, and raise their…

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