Caroline Calloway, the Instagram influencer whose scams have often captivated and confounded the internet, is back with a collection of face oils whose name calls back to one of the original—and ultimate—product scams.

As Calloway explained in a series of Instagram Stories posted to her account on Monday, she’s obsessed with making her own face oils for both herself and her friends. Referring to those creations as “potions” (which she used in quotations), Calloway would take bottles of products she already had and mix them together; “I don’t invent anything new usually,” she noted.

But it wasn’t until her friends suggested selling those concoctions that it really came to her.

“So I’ve been making this for my friends and my friends were like, ‘oh my god, you should sell this’ and I was like, ‘oh my god, I love money. What a great idea.’” Calloway explained. “But I just had other…

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