Students at the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture have designed and built a complex bridge in Los Angeles using a semi-robotic process that slashed construction waste.

The 70-foot Arroyo Bridge began life as a speculative project in a University of Southern California design-build studio, headed by lead researcher R Scott Mitchell.

The Arroyo Bridge was made in a collaborative robotic process

It is designed as an intricate web of steel tubing, with a layered structure inspired by leaf veins and tree branches.

The bridge’s structure was the result of a challenge that saw 13 undergraduate students tasked with designing a pedestrian bridge using parametric design tools.

While the design was initially hypothetical, it had to suit a specific site across a Los Angeles canyon, providing access to treetop views on either side.


Web-like layered complex steel structure
It is made of an intricate web…

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