Fraud has become endemic in Britain. We face daily texts and scam calls, and the internet is littered with fake websites and advert cons.

The pandemic has helped fraud to flourish, with criminals seizing on the Covid crisis — exploiting the vaccine rollout, Government support packages and the boom in online shopping — and making easy money from our life savings.

So to help protect your hard-earned cash, Money Mail is today launching a cut-out-and-keep fraud survival guide.

In our special series, we will warn you about the most prolific cons, teach you how to recognise the tell-tale signs of a scam, and explain how best to fight for your money back.

We start here by highlighting the top ten tactics deployed by fraudsters to target your savings — from cruel romance scams to sophisticated bank transfer cons in which unwitting victims are convinced to move their money into a criminal’s account.

It comes as the latest figures from…

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