The GPS or Global Positioning Technology we have come to rely on has remained unchanged for years. However, the Brighton-based tech startup Naurt is all set to change that with its proprietary new technology that doesn’t require any new hardware to implement. The company is now launching a private beta phase, by trialling its new hyper-accurate satellite location technology.

Hyper accurate location info

Naurt is a fresh startup co-founded by Jack Maddalena and Nicolas Slack in April 2020. As per the company, its tech is 150 times more accurate than current GPS tracking technologies and is also capable of pinpointing exact location within 10cm, anywhere across the globe, either indoors or outside. 

In a conversation with UKTN, Maddalena reveals, “We use a combination of algorithms, AI, machine learning, heavy processing of data and deep knowledge of how precise tracking actually works. How we do it is a trade secret. However,…

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