The City of Tulsa and 36 Degrees North just unveiled their new technology incubator on the 5th floor of City Hall.

It’s 50,000 square feet of space filled with chairs, desks and meeting areas for new companies and technology startups. So far, the space is already about 60% occupied by companies.

36 Degrees North said at capacity, they expect this new space to house about 30 businesses. 

“Our incubator is not just a space,” said 36 Degrees North President & CEO, Devon Laney. “This program provides flexibility, resources, and the accountability entrepreneurs need to grow startup companies.”

Laney believes this is a first of its kind partnership with a municipality.

They also used soft panel walls in the construction, meaning the space can grow with businesses if they need it.

36 Degrees North has generated more than $375 million dollars in economic impact in the past four years. They said between their three locations, they’ve…

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