“If people ask you to pay for a vaccine, that’s a scam,” she said. “You can’t pay for early access to the vaccine or to skip the queue, that’s just not how it works here.”

Meanwhile, an interagency group led by the Australian Border Force has been set up to detect and intercept unlawful imports of COVID-19 vaccines, informed by intelligence gathering.

Last month Pfizer confirmed fake versions of its vaccine had been detected in Mexico and Poland. The Wall Street Journal reported about 80 people at a clinic in Mexico had been injected with an apparently harmless counterfeit vaccine, while in Poland the substance inside the vials was thought to be anti-wrinkle treatment.

The ABF said its officers had been given specialised training by vaccine manufacturers to assist in real-time identification of potential illegitimate vaccines.

“To date, ABF officers examining mail and air cargo have made no detections of COVID-19…

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