It’s the type of national exposure Boise leaders used to crave. A six-minute spot on the highly-watched CBS Sunday Morning program.

Correspondent David Pogue opened the piece with a panoramic shot of Downtown Boise, followed by shots of paddle boats and 8th St.:

“Boise, Idaho is a great place to live. It has natural beauty, great weather, and friendly people,” Pogue said to start the story.

Then, it quickly snaps from the “Boise is great” frame to the topic that everyone is talking about these days.

“But wow… is something going on with the real estate!”

[Oh hey, Boise’s on another list. Why isn’t this exciting anymore?]

Sellers’ dream

Pogue’s pronunciation of “boy-zee” isn’t the only thing that will make locals shake their head. The story of Elisha Figueroa might too.

Figueroa recently sold her house – but still lives there. She said 150 people walked through her home in two days, netting nine…

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