Introduction to Steam card scams:

We’re going to be talking about common steam scams and how to avoid them. I’m going to be talking about our phishing websites. phishing is our practical website that lures unsuspecting users into the websites. their layout is identical to a real website like Steam card scams but if you look at the URL. You’ll see that the name of the URL is a couple of letters off. Now, these websites are used to lure people in and you think that your login to steam but you’re not. you’re logging into a mock website and they take your identity take you’re your info and they use it.

My personal experience with Steam card scams:

This happened to me a while back in the old steam days. Somebody said a vote for me. I went to the account. After logging in. I thought I was logging in. BOOM ! got a message from Steam saying that someone else is trying to log in to my account and there that’s how it got hacked luckily. I got the account back but the way to avoid this one is to check the URL and if you’re in. if you’re logging and officially into steam you’ll see that on the URL at the left you’ll see a green lock that says valve Co. this means it’s official this is the official one and also read the URL letter by letter if you see out its community is spelled wrong there’s two. now there’s an R instead of an M like you gotta check the URL and this that those can alert you and the second scam. Then on steam trades trying to trade with someone and I get a message from somebody that was offering a trade. I was like okay this person has a lot of rep on that external website so I did the trade. I gave them the key but then they went offline and I wasn’t aware of impersonation.

How do pinpoint these scammers?

Well first off check the reputation how do you do this go to their Steam account and scroll down and see comments. if they’re a good trader you’ll see plus rep good trader fast easy. you’ll see the comments on the person alright and also you could go into external websites where you can see someone’s reputation on steam.

The second thing to look at is their Steam level. They are the higher the level the more they trust. They’ve been a part of steam they’ve bought a lot of games.

You could know this isn’t completely bulletproof but that’s also something good to check the steam level and also don’t trade with people.

People they’re trying to hide something so don’t trade with someone that has their account private. Because you can’t see their info. You don’t know they may be a terrible scam or they can report to you now.


Both parties should accept for the trade to go down. You can’t just like I mean you can’t do that anymore. But be careful out there. My advice is careful out there don’t scare. Be on your toes at all times.

Well after reading this article you will be able to understand steam card scams. Hopefully, this article will be informative for you.

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