Chinese Food has captivated the taste buds of people all over the world with its rich flavors and unique traditions. In these signature dishes, you can explore a variety of mouth-watering culinary delights.

From the delectable and varied dim sum to the savory kung pao chicken, every dish of Chinese Specialties strikes a delicate harmony of spices, textures, and captivating presentation. Don’t forget to try the roast pork, an iconic dish that amazes with its tender pork and crispy skin.

Enjoy the culinary delights of Typical Chinese Food and witness the culinary skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. From spicy Sichuan cuisine to delicious Cantonese dim sum, each dish reveals the uniqueness and diversity of China’s culinary culture. Explore this oriental delicacy and let your taste buds experience its unforgettable culinary delights.

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As a country located on the Asian continent, China is not only famous for its population density but also for its delicious Chinese culinary offerings. So, for those of you culinary lovers, these 10 typical Chinese foods must be included in the ranks of foods that must be tasted.

Typical Chinese Food Is 1. Chinese Peking Duck


Peking duck is one of the first typical Chinese foods. This food is familiar to Indonesian people and many restaurants also serve Peking duck. Regarding the taste, this Peking duck has a quite delicious taste. Because of its delicious taste, it is not surprising that Peking duck was used as a dish for kings.

The appearance of Peking duck is roast duck with a brown color and sweet spices. Regarding the dish, this Peking duck is served thinly sliced and can be eaten with rice or pancakes with red peanut sauce. So, fellow culinary lovers, you must try this food from China.

2. Jiaozi Typical Chinese Food

In international culinary, Jiaozi is better known as dumpling. This delicious Chinese food looks similar to dumplings in Indonesia and is well known by the wider community.

What differentiates Jiaozi from dumplings is that the dumplings consist of a mixture of wheat flour, starch and fish. Meanwhile, jiaozi is made from a mixture of wheat flour which has been filled with lots of meat inside.

The meat used is chicken that has been previously cooked. Not only is it cooked by steaming, this jiaozi is also often made by cooking or frying.

3. Beggar’s Chicken

Hearing the name is also quite unique. The name of this food has a unique story behind it. According to the story, this beggar’s chicken was based on a beggar who was quite hungry. So, because he was hungry, the beggar decided to steal chickens that were nearby.

Then, so that others would not know that he was cooking stolen chicken, he cooked the chicken by wrapping it in lotus leaves and clay. Unexpectedly, this chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and clay has a distinctive, unique and delicious taste. This beggar chicken also has a fresh and fragrant earthy aroma. This beggar’s chicken is also said to be really good when enjoyed with a cup of Chinese tea.

4. Ma Yi Shang Shu


Ma Yi Shang Shu means ants climbing trees. This food has a name that is no less unique than beggar chicken. This food is called Ma Yi Shang, because it is made of minced meat which sticks to the noodles so that when it is pulled using chopsticks it looks like an ant climbing a tree.

Not only is it famous for its uniqueness, this food is also famous for its deliciousness. This food is made from beef that has been finely chopped and then stir-fried using noodles and seasonings such as spices and chilies. For its spicy but delicious taste, don’t ask any more.

5. Lion’s head meatballs
Lion head meatballs are meatballs measuring 7 to 10 centimeters. These fairly large sized meatballs are usually served in one piece in each serving bowl.

Don’t ask any more about the taste, because these meatballs are often served with vegetable soup. The vegetable soup used usually contains cabbage. Tofu and bamboo shoots.

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In Indonesia itself, many meatball traders have started to serve meatballs as large as lion heads. Yes, it is true that these meatballs are inspired by lion head meatballs from China.


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