ST. IVES, England — The first time then-Vice President Joe Biden met Justin Trudeau, he shared story after story of his encounters as a young senator in the 1970s with the prime minister’s father, also a Canadian premier.

During one of his last meetings with Angela Merkel, Biden reminded the German chancellor of one of his early visits to Berlin two decades earlier, taking his sons through Checkpoint Charlie.

As part of the first high-level meetings of any world leader with China’s Xi Jinping in China a decade ago, Biden was accompanied by his granddaughter, a “budding Chinese speaker,” joking that it was “more appropriate to say Naomi brought me along with her.”

As now-President Biden now kicks off days of face-to-face meetings with world leaders Thursday in Cornwall, he brings with him what administration officials consider a secret weapon to high-stakes discussions: decades of work building connections with ally and…

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