Construction workers pouring wet concrete on a road. With 20% of the planned infrastructure bill, or $110 billion, dedicated for the construction of roads and bridges, small constructions firms are hoping for a long-term boom in business.

Jung Getty

As small businesses recover from labor constraints and business losses due to Covid-19, a bipartisan infrastructure bill offers hope of a coming boom as it makes its way through the chambers of Congress.

On Aug. 1, the U.S. Senate finalized text for the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act, outlining $550 billion in new spending for roads, bridges, public transportation, electric vehicle charging stations and other physical infrastructure, creating jobs and pulling the U.S. economy out of a pandemic downtick. 

The White House says the bill will add roughly 2 million jobs per year for American workers, and projects will last over the course of a decade. Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer

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