A deal on infrastructure is not yet a done deal on infrastructure.


The underpinnings of America’s roads and bridges, tunnels and railways – that’s what a group of Democratic and Republican senators say they want to repair, along with expanding broadband internet. President Biden agrees. So you’d think it would be a done deal. Well, let’s start there with NPR senior Washington editor and correspondent Ron Elving, who joins us now. Good morning, Ron.

RON ELVING, BYLINE: Good morning, Leila.

FADEL: So Biden says he has a deal, but it’s not a done deal. Where do things stand this weekend?

ELVING: Stand might be a little strong as a term. This is a deal with its feet firmly planted in midair at this point. There was a deal earlier in the week, as you say, and it seemed on the brink of unraveling on Friday. And now, Biden has to thread a very fine needle here. He has to…

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