On Biden’s response to Afghanistan criticism

“I think the reaction from Biden is giving us a glimpse into one of the traits that hasn’t really been on display a whole lot this year. … The trait of just his confidence and stubbornness, and what he’s tried to get across in the speeches and press conferences that he’s done on this issue is he has absolutely no regrets.

“This was 100 percent, in his view, the right decision. And it was inevitable that there would be some messiness at the end, and it was all to be expected and nobody should second-guess him or his administration. I feel like he has been, you know, aggressive in portraying the fact that he’s right and all the critics are wrong.” — Ryan Lizza

“It’s almost Trumpian, how [Biden] has sort of handled this week. I mean, this is all the reasons why Trump’s base loved him so much. No apologies, no regrets. And Biden was very much taking that same tone this…

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