Small business owners can be the victim of scams and frauds just like individual consumers. Crooks might see you as a softer touch than big businesses but with deeper pockets than typical consumers.

We reviewed the Better Business Bureau (BBB) scam reports to identify scams targeting business owners. We found at least ten. And we’ve supplied tips for how to protect yourself and your business.

10 Business Scams to Avoid

Here are some tips to protect your business from fraudsters and scammers. These are based on the BBB tracker reports and other information:

1. Fake Checks

There are a few scams small businesses need to watch for. These are often the same as ones directed at consumers, like fake checks.

  • Keep an eye out for overpayments. A new supplier sends you a payment for more than you charged. Scammers will ask for the difference back. Make sure the name and business address line up. Getting information from the Better Business Bureaus…

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